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Friday, November 19, 2010

Itsy Bitsy

tadi masa kat ym, bersembang2 ngan kwn sorang nie. bercerita laa psl barang2 baby. baru teringat itu ari beli bouncer frisher price. first barang baby yg aku beli utk si kecik nie haa. kebetulan member nak let go dgn harga yg reasonable, trus aku grab. balik umah je inchik suami trus pasang hah! beria2 dia skali bateri lak takdak.. tu yg pasang tak bukak2 dah tu, tunggu masa utk baby guna je nie ha..

Fisher Price Itsy Bitsy Bouncer

Tell me more:
•Features a toy bar that is themed to fit the famous nursery rhyme
•Toy bar is an overhead scene based on a rooftop
•Spiders climb up and down creating visual action for baby
•Features the nursery rhyme plus other great songs
•Sound effects
•Calming vibrations
•Includes mom activated long play mode and baby activated short play mode
•3-point restraint system to secure baby to bouncer

Recommended age:
•Birth – 12 months

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